Hey! I’m Daniela.

I'm a freelance writer, editor, copywriter, French to English translator and social media content developer based in Switzerland. I have over seven years of professional writing experience covering all sorts of lifestyle topics including fashion, type design, graphic design and various branding projects. I studied fine art at the Otis Collage of Art and Design, in Los Angeles, and also attended the California Institute of the Arts, I later went on to study fashion design at the Geneva University of Art and Design, (HEAD).

With a very eclectic background, I've been lucky enough to have been part of a multitude of projects in various branches of art, fashion, type design, film, and music. To name a few, I am one of the founders of Newglyph a Swiss based type design company. I was the project manager, strategy consultant and an independent writer for Swiss Typefaces. A fashion editor/ consultant for Sang Bleu magazine, and fashion designer for X-Girl to name a few. I was equally a recipient of The Great Sealof the State of California, for the 1999 arts scholar’s recognition program.

In addition to editorial work, I also love working with branding agencies to help them develop tone, storyline and a clear message to grow their audiences with SEO-friendly, value-filled content. Past clients include Swiss Typefaces, Horde, Altiplano and Bureau Brut.

When I'm not writing, you'll usually find me working on Newglyph, my type design company dedicated to designing classic and variable fonts. I also work on other creative projects like music videos, fashion design and art direction. But every once in a while you'll see me traveling and taking inspiring moonlight drives, or soaking up the sun on a beachy getaway.

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