Mexican Born and L.A. raised, Daniela Party is an artist, fashion designer, writer and tech entrepreneur based in Switzerland. I studied fine art at the Otis Collage of Art and Design, in Los Angeles, and also attended the California Institute of the Arts, I later went on to study fashion design at the Geneva University of Art and Design, (HEAD). With a very eclectic background, I've been lucky enough to have been part of a multitude of projects in various branches of art, fashion, type design, film, and music. To name a few, I am one of the founder of Newglyph a Swiss based type design company, was the project manager, strategy consultant and an independent writer for Swiss Typefaces, fashion editor/ consultant for Sang Bleu magazine, fashion designer for X-Girl to name a few. I was equally a recipient of The Great Seal of the State of California, for the 1999 arts scholar’s recognition program.