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I've said yes to obsession

Obsession is a large part of my life, therefore a large part of my writing process. What captivates my thoughts is more then often human experiences. My consistent preoccupations, ideas and infatuations are what help me find the words to bring the language to the stories of my life and the moments I share with others.

As a teenager my biggest obsession was travel. I wanted to leave the place where I was raised, yet the irony was that its a place where everyone wants to visit, Los Angeles the city where dreams can be shattered or made. I wanted nothing to do with it, the thought of leaving and discovering the world was all I could think of. It's been such a long time that I haven't lived in L.A. it feels foreign to me now. I long to rediscover all the hidden treasures of the City of Lost Angles, to roam the streets of downtown and drive up and down the coastal shoreline highways in a 1969 for Ford Mustang. The obsession I've developed is very specific and very much my own. As I imagine all obsessions are unique to each individual. That's what makes them so beautiful.

Will you say yes to your obsession ?

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