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Modern Day Muses and the search for creative inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing, it comes and goes as it pleases and sometimes we’re afraid we won’t find it again. When I think I’ve lost it, I go thru a sort of mourning period. The dramatics of this inspirational loss take me on an emotional roller coaster that triggers my thrill seeking nature. But I tell myself to stay calm, drive slow and stop what I’m doing. I switch gears until the muses grace my presence once again. Subsequently, this is around the time when I go out into the world to look for a muse. These days I find inspiration in the little things, in the idea of making new souvenirs, of going back to Los Angeles to see my friends and family again.

But as a result of this strange time (a.k.a Pandemic), it has also brought upon massive amounts of isolated self induced inspiration, and really bad ideas too. But those fails teach me what I can do better next time, to keep searching, and keep striving to learn something new everyday. Naps have been replaced by power walks that have me saying hello to complete strangers on the street in the hopes that we’ll start a random conversation. I’ve also been spending way too much time, more than id like to admit. As I call it , window shopping on Tinder, but I have to be honest the Tinder flirts have brought on waves of inspiration as well. It got me day dreaming of days when I could go out, it’s definitely a fun and creative mental exercise, I highly recommend it. Let’s not forget our more socially accepted social media, Instagram. Like Yo Gotti said, “it goes down in the DM’s”. And I’ve met my fair share of interesting people and I’ve had eye opening conventions that charged my creative juices.

Ultimately today’s muses are much like the ones of yesteryear, only now they’ve take on a digital from. Which brings on the question, are we all becoming a digitally artificial version of ourselves?

Nonetheless, one thing is sure. Everyone has a story to tell and they’re dying for an audience, my modern day muses are found online until we’re all free to safely roam the streets once again, so until then I’ll be online searching for my next creative inspiration.

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